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The start of a new series: Beginnings #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

As you probably have read in my posts, I have been creatively blocked for a while.  This week, I started reading and following the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  I went through the process years ago and found it helpful in sparking creativity back then.  Whatever the reason,  I have started creating again!I am not in love with my new ones, but I am going to stick with the process to see where it takes me.  I start with a basic sketch which you have seen:I traced my sketch onto this tracing paper.  The original sketch was here.Then I etch from tracing paper onto the block of wax:I use something sharp to poke the outline onto the wax.  This gives me guidance on where to use my mini saw.This is what it looks like with the image outlined on wax:Next I use my saw to cut the image out.  I couldn't photograph since I have only 2 hands.This is after I have sawed out the outline.Next week I will show you the wax after I have used my exacto knife to carve and refine the model.  I am still thinking of the  contours and actual shape I want this to take.  Process, not product, right?

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  • Looking good fellow craftsman!

    I am a retired goldsmith (well semi-retired)

    I like the process, keep it up.

    Gerry “The Jeweler”

    Diamond Engagement Rings

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