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Things a designer needs to know: What is a line sheet?

tina tang

If you are a designer, specifically a jewelry designer, and want to communicate with fashion magazine editors or store owners about your new designs, you will need a line sheet.  In fact, they will request you submit a line sheet.What is a line sheet?  It's basically a visual brief summary of the essentials: pictures and prices. I like to stylize mine, but a line sheet can be very simple!Adding flair is always nice, but an editor or store owner is happy with a color photo scan with prices included.  They just need to see the product and their cost (or the consumer's cost).Don't let "making it perfect" hold you back from submitting your line sheets.  Just get it out there!I am still working on my Gotham Girl line sheet.

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  • good advice….argh, currently working on mine, but I’m being a crazy perfectionist. so you are probably right, better to just get it out there! thanks :)

    Eileen Goddard

  • Eileen, you can do it! Just get started. It will never be perfect – you will always want to make changes.

    Tina Tang

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