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Three dudes, two chicks, one love

tina tang

By: ChloeI realized I loved you while drunk off whiskey at a bar. I knew I liked you a lot, but that’s when I was sure I loved you. Tina was letting me test-drive you through the month of September and a day didn’t go by when you weren’t around my neck. My date and I were at Bar None on a Wednesday night when I abruptly felt compelled to write our initials in the table. Juvenile? Yes. But I’ve been in a juvenile state of mind this fall. Though we are both writers, we were both short of a pen. Crap. As the disappointment set in, I fondled you, my soothing spade. My finger hit your sharp point at the bottom. Ah! You would carve into the table perfectly—much, much better than a weak pen! I happily whittled away AD+ CC= into the table while silently falling in love with you.I realized you were metro sexual a few days later at my friend Nat’s house in Park Slope. I’d hardly said hello to him when he interrupted me with:“What’s that on your neck?” I’ve known Nat since the sixth grade and not once has he commented on anything I’ve worn. I showed him you, my spade.“Can I see it?”I handed it to him in shock. He put it on and walked to his full-length mirror.“Can I have it?” He yelled to me.“No.”“C’mon Clo! You have tons of jewelry. And this looks good on me!”Nat kills me. I walked to his bedroom to find him in his plaid pajama bottoms, New Balance sneakers, black sweatshirt and you, the spade. He was dancing a little, swaying his hips and admiring himself in the mirror.“Sorry, but you can’t have it.”“Fine. Can I at least wear it out to the bars tonight?”“Okay, sure.”“Awesome,” he said. “You’re sure I can pull it off right?”“Definitely,” I assured him. And he could.You even appeal to foreigners. My friend Yohann from Lyon, France stayed with me last week. He loves trinkets more than anyone I know, and I’m always sure to have an eye on him, incase he “borrows” some of my jewelry. Obviously he noticed you immediately. “This—this is beautiful, a sincere sensation. When you come in France, you can bring one for me.” After he’d left, I found a note he’d written in my journal. It read:“I hope you come in France soon. And not only because I want the gold leaf.”Troy Sayakumane does our in-house PR here at Tina Tang Studio. I secretly want to be him. He wears leather jackets and smokes cigarettes outside the store on Greenwich Avenue, so now I wear leather jackets and smoke cigarettes outside on Greenwich Avenue. When Troy also started wearing the spade necklace everyday, I was flattered. Now we stand outside together in our matching black jackets, wearing you, our spade, our shared love; and smoking.My best friend Noelle loves you as much as I do, but I’ll let her attest to that herself:I like to call you the “grave-diggah”. To me you look like a miniature shovel on a chain. I normally am not into jewelry, but you caught my eye immediately. When Chloe let me borrow you I rocked you hard. I couldn’t stop playing with you! You’re a functional piece of jewelry, not just for looks. I could totally use you to stab a bad person on the hard streets of New York. I can use you to scratch my nose. I can steal a bite of someone’s ice cream without dirtying a spoon. Queen of Spade: you pretty much rule my life! Thank you Tina! You are the God of Carving.Tina Tang carved the leaf by hand out of wax and it was cast in brass. The chain is sterling silver and then hand-oxidized to give it that edgy tarnished look. Variety of chain lengths available.

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