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Tied Up in Knots: A New Design

tina tang

I always get so excited to pick up a casting after I have created a new carving.  When something is cast into metal, the design suddenly becomes "real".I picked up my newest design, Tied Up in Knots, last week.  Here is the bracelet version:I haven't added it to the site yet as I need to photoshop the background.I made Bobbie model it for me:Here is the Tied Up in Knots necklace:I wanted to call it the Love Knot.  Which is better: Tied Up in Knots or Love Knot?Once again, the lovely, Bobbie, with it on:I love that Bobbie's top matches her eyes.Necklace $125, Bracelet $115.  Which name do you like better:  Tied Up in Knots or Love Knot?

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  • I like Love Knot best just b/c it’s shorter. =P Very cute design. Now I want a big pretzel! haha


  • That was my first thought too!

    Tina Tang.

  • so cute!


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