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Tina Tang Featured on PR Couture

tina tang

Written by PR Couture Community Manager, Christine AzavedoTina Tang, formerly an equities trader at Goldman Sachs, is now an up and coming jewelry designer who owns a couple of darling stores in New York’s Greenwich Village.Far from those pretentious, special color of blue jewelry stores (with prices to match), Tina Tang is an affordable and intimate place to shop.Walking into our stores is like walking into the Cheers of jewelry boutiques. Chloe and Judy [Tina Tang’s sales staff] remember your name, they remember what you bought. That’s what makes our stores different from everywhere else,” says Tina.Tina’s jewelry is thoughtful and well crafted. “My philosophy is classic with a bohemian twist but also I believe in well priced and well made,” the designer told PR Couture. Troy Sayakumane, Tina’s PR Director, pointed out what makes Tina Tang special. “People seek out Tina’s jewelry because they know they can wear the pieces with jeans or at a fancy soirée. The strategy is simple: longevity and versatility. These are pieces that will be saved in jewelry boxes for years to come!”Tina’s favorite pieces…Whether you buy creations from the Silver Line, Tina’s first and most affordable line, or hold out for a piece from the elegant Gold Label line, you won’t be disappointed. Tina’s designs are classically beautiful but never predictable – there’s always an unexpected twist!I had a hard time focusing on Tina’s insights into her jewelry business because I had fallen in love….with Tina’s diamond ring! Tina was wearing her favorite piece, an 18 carat gold ring studded with gorgeous black pavé diamonds.“You need to do it full time. I have people consult me asking if it’s possible to work a full time job and pursue their passion on the side, hoping that their passion will lead to something full time. I say, [no] just go for it! If you don’t have a safety net, you will survive!”But breaking out on your own is not easy, especially in the competitive world of fashion and jewelry. What obstacles does this emerging designer face? “With any industry if you’re not well connected, you just have to work a little harder,” Tina acknowledges. “I wasn’t born into this business, my parents are not in the jewelry industry, so that just means I have another barrier to cross.”Tina Tang PRTina Tang Jewelry started out as an internet business before the designer decided to open her first store in Greenwich Village. Tina credits the success of her stores to her loyal customers from the neighborhood. The staff work hard to connect with their customers, whether it’s helping a husband pick out an anniversary present for his wife (Chloe & Judy probably knows which Tina Tang pieces the wife already owns!) or sending a gift of jewelry over to a woman who just had her first child. PR Director Troy likes to get customers involved with store activities as much as possible.We often ask our ‘guests’ to model our jewelry in our weekly newsletter. By building a relationship with our customers, they help spread the word for us.”Tina also acknowledged the importance of cultivating celebrity relationships in Jewelry PR. Her jewelry has adorned the likes of Rebecca Romijn, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel.The talented designer is currently working on her Fall line called Paradise. “It’s very nature inspired, there’s a lot of snakes involved. It’s like the Garden of Eden with a darker twist!”While we wait for Tina’s fabulous new line, check out the rest of her jewelry at visit her stores at 48 & 49 Greenwich Avenue, New York. And ladies, if you’re looking for something extra special, (an engagement ring or right-hand ring perhaps?) Tina designs custom pieces upon request.

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