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Tina Tang Studio is Eternal

tina tang

by ChloeIf Gold Label were a beer, what would it be? Miller High Life Studio? BudweiserIf Bobbie, Chloe, Troy, and Noelle were in band, what would it be named? BCNTWho would play what instrument? Bobbie: Harp, Chloe: Bass, Noelle: Guitar, Troy: TriangleFavorite holiday party memory: Using fax machine to make a callFavorite LA or Chicago memory: Driving, listening to musicWhat piece of jewelry do you think you’ve sold the absolute most of? Circle of LifeItem that Troy forgets most often at the store: KeysStrangest personal belonging you have at TTS right now: RazorsHow old is Christian of Alphabets? 29How many cigarettes a day does he smoke? 8Fill in the blank: Tina is to Chloe as Moochie Laroo is to AaronNoelle and Chloe’s favorite alcoholic drink: WhiskeyTina’s favorite alcoholic drink: Vodka or Trader Joe’s WineBryan’s favorite alcoholic drink: Beer, liquorBest nickname we’ve come up with for an employee: TroytownFavorite memory from our summer meetings: Monkey breadFavorite birthday outing: Benny’sCode for Endless Summer Necklace: N118-GFDescribe the N-RL12: Double spade leafDescribe BRAC-9212991: Garnet multi-strandFavorite TTS and GL items currently in the store: Snake banglesCompare GL to a children’s book: Gingerbread HouseCompare TTS to a children’s book: Alice in Wonderland

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  • I love the simplicity of the Endless Summer Necklace. Beatuiful work!

    Christina Lucido

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