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To see or not to see that is the Question

tina tang

By Magen GaboffCall me a party pooper if you want but I will admit that I don’t really believe in ghosts, the after life or any of the sort. So now the major questions remains will I see Paranormal Activity or not. Truth is I don’t see what the fuss is about. The Scariest movie that has come out in a while? I don’t know about that. The movie keeps being compared to The Blair Witch Project (which I did not see by the way). One thing I must say is for a low budget film it sure is brining in a ton of money! In my opinion a major reason why this movie is causing such a stir is because of the marketing techniques that were used. How amazing that the coming attractions show you so little of the movie and all of the audience reactions, it just leaves you wanting to see more. It comes across as if the movie is not just a movie but more of an experience. On second thought for that alone I might give the movie a shot.

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