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To Wig or Not to Wig? #TinaTang #Jewelry #Wigs

tina tang

I used to have a lovely PR director, Troy, whose secret talent was photography.  He convinced me that we must do wig shots for the jewelry.  Every time I put on a wig, I felt like another persona, and that I could be that personality that the wig represented.  Blond and noticeable:Men always do a double take: is she blond or is she Asian??Pouty with attitude:I have always wanted an afro.  Why?  I imagine it feels free and independent.Wacky blue:You can be anything with blue.Doesn't a blue wig preclude an outing of fun and silliness?Then there is natural, the god given hair color, untouched.I love this shot Troy took.  I don't feel like the sophisticated lady he caught on camera, so at least I have it documented.The easiest way to be someone else while being yourself: wigs.  Do you see why Wendy Williams swears by them?

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