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Tonight's Beginner Jewelry Class. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Tonight, I teach my first beginner beading class in my new office.  From my past experience, I've learned that a small intimate class works better to teach some specific little tricks that takes most students a little practice to master.We have an intimate little conference room with a large black and white photo of Flatiron overlooking our work.  I'm looking forward to the beginner enthusiasm of my new students tonight.The beautiful girl on the right shopped at my store and being on my email list found out about the class.This is the conference room:Nice and cozy little working area. They will learn to:1. Start a necklace with a bead tip, knot intermittently, finish off the necklace with bead tip using my special knotting techniques.2. What type of tools will work in this process and how these tools are essential to all jewelry making.3. What type of supplies are longer lasting and the differences in the semiprecious stones.4. With this basic beading skill, the student can fix any necklace or bracelet that breaks. Class syllabus with jewelry supply information.  Milk Chocolate-a necessity.I'm providing chocolate as a snack and lots of enthusiastic encouragement tonight.  Chocolate should be part of every class lesson.

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