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tina tang

By: ChloeSo, I am supposed to write a blog for work. I only found out what the word “blog” even meant a few months ago. I always thought the word was amusing though. It reminds me of “blob” which makes me think of “slob.” I start imagining an obese person sitting on their couch, stuffing their face with potato chips and writing blogs on myspace or something. I guess that’s me right now, except I am writing for, and I’m not quite obese, but if I don’t stop eating these morning star chicken nuggets soon, I will be.Tina and Troy are making me do the first blog because I am taking a memoir writing class through Gotham Writers. This must make them believe I am a good writer or something. The truth is, the both of them are such fabulous writers, and I learn a lot from their writing styles everyday. Maybe I just enjoy it more than they do. The fact is, I have always loved to write.Speaking of things I love, I have some heartbreaking news. Becca, our Multimedia Manager, (we’re really into titles here at the studio) is moving from Park Slope back to her homeland: Tallahassee, Florida. She’s the one that handles everything web related, and has been working for Tina for over two years!Becca and I have had a love/hate relationship for the past year. We are both Aries, (we’re really into astrology here, too) so we ram heads (see below) from time to time, but it’s mostly just to make each other or Troy laugh.AriesAriesSometimes, Becca is the first person I see and talk to in the morning. She’s let me borrow dresses for weddings and always shares her soy crisps with me. She daily makes fun of the ghetto lunches that I bring to work, consisting of maybe a veggie corndog and raw string beans. I fed her cats during December when she went on vacation, and that’s when she created my addiction the chicken nuggets. She left her freezer full of them for me.Becca knows how to do everything at the studio, from photographing jewelry to making charm bracelets. Her title here should have been more like “Store Wizard.” She has all the answers I always need, like what weather is supposed to do or how to change an ink cartridge.Troy, our PR guy, (he’d probably prefer PR director) is going to be lost without her as well. Becca and Troy are extremely good at conversing about current movies, celebrities, trendy brands, and the like. Sometimes I pretend to know what they’re talking about, but I think they can see through it. Now Troy-town is stuck with me, and my lack of pop culture knowledge.Having Becca, felt like having a big sister. Every time she gets a piece of Tina’s jewelry, I get jealous and want to copy her. Today she got the cutest silver locket that has a rose gold heart soldered on top. We don’t have it online, so I had my co-worker/trusty sidekick/fellow Aries Bobbie, draw it for me:LocketLike always, Bobbie talked some sense into me. She told me to keep my own identity and to stop buying what Becca buys. She knows that I am trying to hold out for my favorite: the Byzantine ring. I am obsessed with this ring lately. Once it is on your finger, you feel so powerful. The Byzantine ring will be online soon, but here is a sneak preview, courtesy of Bobbie again:RingByzantine RingIt just may have to be one of my birthday gifts to myself next month!Becca will be missed by all of us here at the studio. We’re going to have an awesome going away party for her on Friday in the East Village, which I’m really looking forward too. We can down some Stella’s, (her favorite) and make fun of each other one last time.

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  • I must say that I am quite impressed with the drawing Miss Bobbie created for this blog. The dream ring looks strikingly similar. She is quite the artist and card creating queen. You should have seen the ice cream cone creation I received for my birthday this year. I can’t get over how adorable it is, so it continues to be on display for all to see.

    I hope the “wonder twins” had a great time celebrating their Birth Month this year. And that Chloe was able to finally purchase the powerful ring she’s been dreaming of.


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