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Tristan and Isolde

tina tang

Isolde, the young daughter of the King of Ireland and promised to marry King Mark of Cornwall is distraught over the thought of being with the old man. Isolde’s mother pities her, and gives her daughter’s maid a love potion to give to Isolde on her wedding night. As the nuptials approach, King Mark’s nephew Tristan is sent to accompany the bride to be on her journey. On the first day upon the seas, the weather is sweltering and Isolde asks a servant to serve some drinks. The servant grabs the flask containing the love potion, not knowing of the magical liquid it contained. Isolde and Tristan share the drink and instantly fall in love. The remainder of the journey the two never part, but lay entwined in each other’s arms with professions of eternal love on their lips. Upon Isolde’s arrival in Cornwall, Isolde’s promised husband and Tristan’s uncle, Kind Mark, is immediately smitten with the fair woman. They marry, but the affair continues with the lovers stealing visits in the night. King Mark eventually finds out about these trysts and he banishes Tristan though Isolde is forgiven and remains in Cornwall. Tristan moves on to become a brave knight, and marries another young woman named Iseult of Brittany who matches his former love in name and in beauty. However, Tristan knows that this woman is not his true love, and when he grows ill he sends for Isolde. He tells the messenger that if she does come to his side, have her ship raise white sails, and black sails if she refuses. Hearing of Tristan’s illness, Isolde rushes to be by his side. Iseult grows fiercely jealous, and in a rage she tells her husband that the ship’s sails are black. Tristan turns over in his bed after hearing the news, and dies. When Isolde finds that her lover is dead, she is consumed by grief and dies mourning her loss. The two are buried side by side, with a rose growing on Isolde’s grave and a vine of thorns on Tristan’s. The two plants grew intertwined, continuing their love after death.Also continuing to represent their love after death is Tina Tang's Shield Ring, inspired by Tristan and Isolde who now join the ranks in the new Star Crossed Lovers line available online and in the Limelight Marketplace store.

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