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Turning Obsessions into Assets

tina tang

by TinaWhile I am a jewelry designer, I am victim to a common New York City female obsession that's unrelated to my creativity. I love handbags.Purse envy can never be satiated, despite what I tell myself each time I long for a particular bag.And, even as misery loves company, I don't have to look far for sympathetic souls. All around me New York women obsess over bags, new bags, used bags, small evening bags, work bags, between work to going out bags.This obsession has inspired a new addition to our Gold Label store:consigned designer handbags. Now, when you buy a new bag, your unused and well cared for Designer bag that you once caressed and have forgotten for your new lover( the latest Prada), can be purchased and cared for by a new owner.

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