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Twitter 140 Conference: The amazing @AnnCurry #TinaTang

tina tang

I attended day one of the 140 Conference which is a twitter focused conference where speakers (all avid Twitter users) have 10 minutes to speak on their specific topic.I was greatly touched by the impromptu speaking of Ann Curry of the Today Show.  She is kind, open hearted and her pure intentions are so clearly evident to all those who listen to her. My cell phone, obviously NOT an Iphone, doesn't take great photos.  I'm sorry!She speaks so purely from the heart. This is essentially my summary of Ann's message:  Despite how many use social media to sell things, sell themselves, I truly hope that people will use it for good.  In the end when you pass away, you want to leave a legacy, a legacy that goes beyond your family.  Besides "he was a good father, or she was a good wife" leave a legacy that your family will be proud to talk about. By legacy she meant helping other people in the way that is your calling.  Touch other lives.  When asked what she teaches her children, she said, "They would be rolling their eyes as I say this all the time to them, 'You are important not because you are my children, but because you are human.  Not one human is more important than another.  We are all part of the human family.'" Her inspirational thoughts brought to question for me, what is it I can do to help others?

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  • does somebody know what is she wearing? I really like the whole get-up! pls email me ( on any info about Ann Curry’s June 15, 2011 outfit.


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