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Ugly Gold Jewelry still better than Bold Hot Costume Accessories.

tina tang

Today my main "to do" was to run up to the jewelry district in midtown NYC to sell some old and ugly gold jewelry for a friend. With coat on even though it is still warm in NYC!Tina Tang Reclining Buddah NecklaceCoat: AddlightSweatshirt:  JCrewT Shirt:  My all time favorite under everything, LNAJeans:  Paul and Joe for TargetShoes: Madras (hand me down from best friend)Necklace: Tina Tang Reclining Buddah NecklaceEarrings: Tina Tang Pyramid Stud Earrings (not online yet)When I got to the gold buyers, I was still doubtful my friend would get very much for her ugly ass jewelry.  It was stuff she had been given by well meaning relatives over the past 15 years, items she shoved in her jewelry box.Pile of her ugly gold jewelryShe got $3400 for this small pile that fit in the palm of my hands!  This proves to me that gold and silver jewelry trump costume any day.  One will always get CASH for gold or silver, and nothing for even a truckload of costume jewelry.Which would you rather have in 5 years?Me, I'll take cash any day.

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