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tina tang

by JingI am very old-fashioned when it comes to letters and cards. I love them in paper-form (and in consideration to the trees I try to mostly get ones made with recycled paper). I burn my finger melting sealing wax on envelopes and I don’t care. The lucky people who get my mails laugh-out-loud when they see them and text or email me back to express their love and appreciation in another forum (even my mother’s in that high-tech-won’t look-back bunch). The lack of actual returning mail doesn’t bother me though. I just love the feeling of putting my little funky cards and letters into shabby, rusty barely-blue-almost-grey USPS mailboxes.Speaking of funky cards, no company does it better than Uncooked. The combination of simple graphs and sweet, quirky and oddly honest messages make their cards a sure-hit. (Below is a case-in-point.)Since Spring/April Fool’s Day’s here, why not take the occasion and pick up a couple cards to send to friends and loved ones? Better yet, do it with Uncooked, and you can finally say things you’ve always wanted to say but never felt you could, and if there’s any unwanted reaction, there’s always April 1st for cover. On the other hand, there is another way to express a new season’s greeting which requires absolutely no cover—Tina Tang’s charming breezy happy jewelry of course! (Below is another case-in-point.)However you decide to celebrate, Happy Spring! (And remember to be careful and kind on April 1st.)

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