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Wear flowers, not flour!

tina tang

I have had this huge craving for pastries these days and cupcakes in particular! As I was window shopping the other day, I decided to stroll into Anthropologie and take a look through their “at home” section. I came across these floral aprons that I was very tempted to buy. Two that I found extremely adorable and that could persuade any person to the kitchen to cook were: [ Ant’s Art Apron $32 ]Knowing how clumsy I am, the more coverage I have, the better![ Rolling Terrain Half Apron $28 ]For those that always manages to stay clean in the mist of the dirtiest situations! One of my favorites:  [ Crumbs Red Velvet Cupcakes $4.50 ]What are your favorite cupcakes? Have the recipe or a particular bakery/restaurant you love?

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  • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!! I adore red velvet cupcakes but I agree and think a pretty apron is a much better option!! Have a great Monday!!

    Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life

  • Anthropologie has the cutest aprons! Crumbs cupcakes are so delish :)

  • it’s a lovely dress!! beautiful sharing!


  • Oooh, yum. That cupcake looks amazing! I have an apron from Anthropologie and love it! It makes me feel so domestic when I put it on. My favorite cupcakes are the vanilla and red velvet from Sprinkles. I also LOVE the recipe for vanilla cupcakes from More From Magnolia cookbook.



  • Hmm, maybe a cute apron would inspire to get in the kitchen more. Ok probably not, but it would be a cute thing to have!


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