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Wear It With Pride: Custom Name #Necklace & #Bracelet by #TinaTang

tina tang

I was thrilled when contacted me in November 2011 about my custom name plate necklace.  They requested samples as they were considering it for their Spring 2012 catalog.  I never assume anything is "done" until it actually happens.Well, it's happened!  As you probably know from my Facebook post in early January, my custom name necklaces and bracelets are officially on the site.  That same week I went live on their site, I received my first official custom orders! The two orders featured unusual names; Kiki and Waylon, both a challenge for me. I just picked up the silver castings today from the caster.The castings were made by hand in wax and I asked the casters to shoot directly to silver, no mold.  That means these two names cannot be made again unless I start from scratch in wax.This is "kiki" pre-polished and pre-soldered with chain.What a great name for a kid - Waylon!This is the custom bracelet featured on  Naturally I did my last name, Tang.If you hankering for a little narcissism, head over to to order your lovely name.

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