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When jewelry isn't enough, homemade food feeds the soul.

tina tang

I spent the weekend away in Maryland since my cousin, Debbie, hosted a trunk show for me in her most adorable DC townhouse (pictures and posts tomorrow when I get back).  I stayed one extra day in Maryland for food. Yes, a free home-cooked meal changed my itinerary.  My best friend Patti's mother always brings a seven course homemade meal to her house every Monday for lunch.  Naturally, that is why I decided to sleep over Patti's on Monday.Homemade Korean food made by Mrs. Kim.All my favorite dishes were represented.  Jap chae (rice noodles)A little sweet and a little savory.Oh, and the cucumber salad was so refreshing!Can you just taste the clean crisp cucumber?The chewy, flavorful fishcake salad is one of my reliable favorites, too!Do you see the happy glow in my face?  Eating with plenty more in front of me: that is contentment.If you can't cook your mom a meal this Sunday, get her Tina Tang jewelry!   (It's almost just as good).Epouse Quartz Pearl Cluster Necklace is always a classic and loved gift.

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