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Who else loves @nbc30Rock?

tina tang

My secret lover who doesn't know he is my lover, is Alec Baldwin.  Do any of you watch 30 Rock? I love you, Alec Baldwin.While I do have a sense of humor and have a guffaw of a laugh, there are few, if any, shows that make me laugh by myself like 30 Rock.Last week's episode with Jack and Avery in Canada had me laughing aloud by myself for nearly the whole episode.  My favorite line, "We don't even make our own meth?  What has happened to American manufacturing?!"I just wanted to share with you my love for that show and especially my love for the brilliance of comedic timing and just plain great acting, Alec Baldwin.  Not your normal Hollywood crush, but he is a meaty one.Just a little silliness to start off your weekend.

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