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Who invented birthstones and why? #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Surprisingly, the concept of birthstones was not created by the jewelry industry in modern western culture to sell more, the idea of them has been long with us dating as far back as 1500BC.It was only in 1912 that the National Association of Jewelers decided to standardize the list of gemstones that different cultures have long believed in.  In Indian culture, the Ayurvedic science of medicine believed in the magical properties of gemstones that influenced the planets in how they affected the different signs of the zodiac.The stones act as an "antennae" to particular planets whose influence may be needed or lessened for certain signs. The gemstones supposedly absorb or reflect planetary rays or vibrations.  One would consult an astrologer to create his/her astrological chart and determine what might be needed in his/her life. Birthstones are referenced in the bible in a few relevant passages notably in Exodus and Revelations where there exist twelve colored stones set in the breastplate of justice.  A side biblical note, within the bible there are twelve apostles, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve months, twelve zodiac signs...all very interesting numerically.chart courtesy of www.crinziandgullojewelers.comIn researching the history of gemstones for this mini post, I was surprised at the relevance of them in both eastern and western civilization.   All this time, I simply wondered why I had yellow topaz assigned to my November month when I would much prefer April's diamond or March's aquamarine.  I suppose I need to start embracing the citrine/yellow topaz as there is some mysterious reason beyond my understanding.

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