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Who knew whiskey and chocolate don't mix? #TinaTang

tina tang

I don't know if you saw my facebook post, but today I am suffering from a sugar hangover.  Last night I had two cinnamon apple ginger infused whiskeys on the rocks while out with a friend.  Then, to fulfill a sugar craving after that naturally sweetened whiskey, I indulged in some chocolate peanut butter cups.I started with two of these: Courtesy of Drinkoftheweek.comThen had more than that measly single peanut butter cup on this plate.Photo courtesy of instructables.comNaturally those decisions seemed wise and satisfying last night. Today, however, I feel the crash of all that sugar. I tried to take a run this morning to sweat out the sugar (like one would with alcohol) to no avail.  I've decided, I will be photoshopping mindlessly today.  Have a wonderful fall weekend!

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  • Finally feeling better. Never thought a sugar hangover would last this long!

    Tina Tang

  • another reason for me not to drink Whisky lol Hope the sugar hangover ends asap.


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