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Who says material things don't buy happiness? #TinaTang #PurseObsession

tina tang

"If I'm good, will you bring me home a little something?"  Those wise words were once said to me by my then, 9 year old niece, Arianna.As a grown woman, I don't need to ask anyone else to bring me home a little something. I can bring home my own grown ass self something; and for me, it's a nice bag.To celebrate being featured in this week's Time Out New York:Note there is a discount on the Pretzel Bracelet through July 31st using code TONYThis week's cover of Time Out New YorkI started out wanting to buy myself a new pair of wedges, a green pair to match my other 5 colors.  Alas, Keito Shoe Store in Soho had sold out of the green, apparently the best selling color this spring.  Suddenly, I found myself pushed into Ina's Designer Consignment on Thompson Street.  Alas, this involuntary action resulted in me being bullied into purchasing this Smythson tote.I call her Ms. Smythson.  She is an absolute beauty.You know what I'll be walking around with all weekend, week, and month.Formula for female happiness: Handbags + HandbagsWhomever said materials things do not create happiness is full of shit.

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