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Why bother with perfection when there is mediocrity?

tina tang

Last Tuesday morning, I woke up tired and drained.  I decided to skip my tai chi class that I have religiously attended for the past year.Later that afternoon I found out that my tai chi teacher, Master Chen Hsiang Yu, had passed away by the elevator to our classroom that morning.Master Yu was an 83 year old man who had the energy and mobility of a 23 year old.  Never in my life have I met a "master"  who was truly that, someone who was exactly what he taught, someone who unadulteratedly practiced in pure form what he preached.  "You must be to do" is what he told my classmate.With his practice, he indelibly passed on a life philosophy of which he constantly reminded his students; only through grueling and regular hard work can one achieve a desired goal.   Who will I observe now?  Who will be my example of excellence?  I miss you dearly, Master Yu.

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