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Why do women take so long to get ready?

tina tang

Obviously, when one has choices, one needs to think. If I only had one pair of pants, jacket, shirt, and shoes, I would not take very long in the mornings.  These days the way I have been wearing my "uniform", it appears as if I only have a couple pairs of pants, jackets and shoes, and all in the same color scheme.  I promise that when the snow goes away, I will re-incorporate colors and dresses into every day!I wanted to show how accessories can change the feel of a simple outfit.  Today, I have on a simple combination that one could wear to an office:Today's blank slate outfit.Jacket:  BOY by Band of OutsidersTank Top: Old NavyPants: Old NavyBoots: Rag & BoneI can add a funky necklace and hoops to add a little edge:I am wearing my Brass Spade Necklace and gold fill hoops.Or, I can go with a  simple silver necklace and  birdie earrings:I am wearing the Romeo Juliet Poem necklace (with ruby in middle) and Flying Bird earrings.Romeo Juliet Poem Necklace with ruby set in centerPearls are not just for grandmothers.  The length of the necklace can be what modernizes the classic pearls.  I love the long pearl necklace with the more conservative jacket.I have on my Long Pearl Necklace and Spence Pearl Studs.With these many jewelry choices, I need to take my time.

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