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Why do you wear a horn?

tina tang

My in-house style guru, Midori, also our main Customer Service Ambassador, wears the Minatour Horn nearly every day.  It's not like underwear where you shouldn't wear it every day (but can if you want!), the horn seems to be part of her daily uniform.Here is the lovely and ever perfectly coiffed, Midori.I asked today, "Midori, why do you wear that every day?  What do you like about it?"Midori's reply, "Whether I am dressed girl, classic, or funky, this necklace goes with everything."The Minatour Horn comes with different styles of chains.  Midori opted for the unisex ball chain.I like to check in with Midori to get the pulse of what's hip. And, lucky for me, the Minatour Horn is it for her!

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