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Why I try to always buy American...

tina tang

As a designer and retailer in the US, I live each day feeling the importance of buying American.  When you walk into any store, a majority of fashion related items are MADE IN CHINA.  I realize how I spend my dollars represents the vote of confidence for the designer or the country of the item I purchased.I use my Filson tote everyday as it's the most durable work bag I have ever owned.  I proudly purchased it because it is made in Seattle, Washington USA.When we demand cheap, we demand that the manufacturer make it cheap.  I understand fully, the importance of saving a penny when one can, and I deeply appreciate the need to adhere to a survival budget, however, there must be a way to balance the two.For street or cheap jewelry, once a stone falls out, you cannot replace it.  If the ring cracks, it can NEVER be soldered since it is made of nothing real.With jewelry, buying a cheap item for $10-$30 on the street or store means:1. It is made of something that will make it break in the blink of an eye compared to jewelry made of real gold or silver.2. Once broken, non-silver non-gold items CANNOT be repaired, thus wasting your original purchase investment.3. You are voting to have things made in another country, voting to have companies want to push labor overseas.I have had many guests come to our store asking us to repair the cheap jewelry they bought on the street. While we wish we could be of service to them, it is simply not physically possible to fix anything that is not real.I am Chinese-American, and my parents, both born in China, refuse to buy "Made in China".  They beat their hearts proudly stating, "I am American". (I'll get off my soapbox now.)P.S.  I was made in America.

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