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Why #jewelry is more fun to design....#TinaTang

tina tang

I grew up designing one thing or another.  When I was seven, age of sticker crazy, I designed my own line to sell to my class mates.  When I was in high school, my parents wouldn't buy my sister and I the popular Jordache or Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that all the popular girls wore, so I designed my own clothing.  I even wore my own little two piece dress to high school prom.And, through all these creations, I believe jewelry is the most versatile and fun to create.  Why you might ask?  The possibilities are endless even with one simple design.I originally designed these two necklaces as hoop earrings only to discover they were too heavy to wear.  They become necklaces, and two of my most popular!The hammered Crescent Necklace was simply to bulky as the original intent of hoops.The Hammered Moon Necklace was extremely heavy as earrings.Today I converted this new Squiggle necklace, which happens to be my least favorite,This one I designed only to be a necklace, without matching earrings.I think I like it much better as a bracelet.Doesn't that look much better than a necklace?Endless possibilities with use, metals, angles, directions, that's what makes jewelry so much more limitless to design, as opposed to clothing which has only so many "silhouettes" one can work with.  As jewelry lovers, I know you agree with me!

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  • much better as a bracelet! brilliant move!


  • Alison! Hoops (no matter where you get them) are perfect with that necklace . I would love to see a photo of you!

    Roe – the bracelet is so much better. The necklace felt, ehh. I love that you read the blog :)

    Tina Tang

  • I have the hammered moon necklace…it has been my statement piece…I always get complements on it…I wear it with some small sterling hammered hoops I bought at (sorry!) Kohls when my daughter was working there. Don’t worry – I have long hair…they only see the necklace!!!!


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