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Why models are vital to online jewelry designers.

tina tang

I've talked about how wonderful it is to photograph Kirsten as my jewelry model on this post.  All I have to do is put the jewelry on her, photograph, crop, and put it on the web.I've learned that as a designer offering my creations on the web, model shots are so important as jewelry is difficult to imagine wearing if one cannot try it on.  For example, this Sakura Necklace photo does not allow a person to visualize it on.Sterling silver Sakura necklace.Here is the photo I took of Kirsten wearing the necklace:The necklace looks so much nicer on!Long necklaces are even more difficult for the shopper to mentally visualize.Honestly, who knows how this is supposed to look on?I had to photograph Kirsten wearing the necklace in two styles:This is my favorite way to wear the necklace, and with a just came out with their version of, called  and what I love about their new endeavor are the video model shots, 365  degree view of the outfit with the model turning around for you!  I wish I had the technology to do that on my website.  Check out  MyHabit's model shots here: Note: You need to login with your amazon login and password. Membership is free!P.S. They didn't pay me to tell you that. I just discovered the new site and was so impressed I had to share.

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