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Why opera is not just for old rich people.....

tina tang

Unlike most opera lovers I know, I did not go to my first opera at age 5 nor did I grow up attending it with my parents.  I only discovered it 2 years ago.   Without the familiarity of opera in my youth, I had never thought of it as an entertainment option.However, after attending my very first opera, FAUST, 2 years ago, I became an immediate convert and lover.   Opera inspires my jewelry designs as the theme of star crossed lovers reoccurs regularly.Romeo and Juliet Double Dagger NecklaceTristan and Isolde Shield Ring3 Reasons you should give opera a try:1.     SINFUL STORIES:  We are not the first generation to be obssessed with smut and gossip.  If you think Woody Allen was the first old man to marry a young girl, namely his adopted daugther, you need to see the Barber of Seville or Don Pasquale.    Woody and Anna Nicole Smith's ex husband, Howard Marshall, were just learning from old masters.  The Duke in Rigoletto is the OG player, bedding nearly every woman he wanted.Luciano Pavoratti as the Duke of Mantua in Rigoletto2.     LUSCIOUS SCENERIES:   Did you know the Met Opera has dedicated departments for its stage sets, and more specifically, did you know they make their own wigs for all characters, out of REAL human hair?3.     THE MUSIC:  If classical music is so bad and unmoving, then why does nearly every single commercial re-use themes from operas?    Think Kool Aid (Die Walkure),  Mastercard (Le Nozze de Figaro)  Sony Walkman (La Boheme),  Barilla Pasta (Carmen).Will Berger, fabulous Met Opera commentator and radio host, describes opera as PORN for the ears.  Sorry, no porn picture attached.

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  • I love that u get ur inspiration from Opera- Its so important to find out how other artists get their inspiration! I own your sword earrings ( which are my fav!) Now I want that necklace!


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