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Why wait for a man to buy it for you? #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

With Valentines Day fast approaching, we ladies put some unnecessary pressure on men, expecting they can read our minds.    My motto is that if you like a piece of jewelry, you can simply buy it for yourself.Think about the times when you were surprised with a jewelry often did you love it?These flames are so gorgeous and edgy on your ears.I had a lovely client, Diana from New Mexico, order these flame earrings for herself.  I am shipping them out to her today!I want to keep them for myself.  Lucky lady, Diana.Diana told me, once she gets these, she may just order the matching reversible necklace:Front Side of Diamond Flame NecklaceBack side for those darker days...You can ROCK this necklace, just believe.The flame necklace was highlighted in this month's Marie Claire magazine which I posted about here.    Today's modern woman, i.e. me and you, can buy her own damn gifts.  I have no shame about treating myself.

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  • Surprise gifts can be iffy, even tho hubby usually has excellent taste! Whenever he goes on a major “manly man” vacation, I buy jewelry. He’s thinking of one for next year… flames in citrine and shades of garnet? :-)


  • That’s why I think you are so fabulous Roe! And you must admit, Jon is no dummy, thus, he knowingly is a fantastic husband.

    Tina Tang

  • I totally agree! I never wait for jewelry gifts, haha. That flame set is amazing, by the way.

    Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony

  • Sharon, that’s right! We can buy our own damn gifts! Thank you for always posting. Did I tell you I love you? :)

    Tina Tang

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