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Why would anyone be a groupie? #TinaTang #Opera

tina tang

The term "groupie" was one that I associated with foolish silly people who had nothing better to do with their time than to be obsessed with a singer, actor, or famed person.  How could a person be so obsessed with an image, not real?Last night, when watching opera bass singer, Rene Pape, sing a set of Christmas songs in the intimate setting of the Bulgari store on 5th Avenue, I felt the transformation.  From rational thinking being who appreciates opera, I felt myself evolving, with each note sung, into a woman magnetized by the mere voice of a man who is a middle aged, slightly overweight, out of shape, smoker whom I would never have turned my head for as a passerby.It's his voice, his evoked emotion, his confidence, and his stage presence.  I just wanted to be near him and listen and listen and listen.  I don't care if he is married, I want that German bass.

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