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tina tang

By: BobbieThe lovely and extremely talented Tina Tang gave the Wilma Carnelian Bracelet to me. Every time I wear it, which is almost every day, (my co-workers can attest to this most definitely!) I am reminded of how lucky I am to work for and alongside such wonderful people. This is definitely just ONE of the many reasons why I love this bracelet, but an important one either way.I also love it simply because I can wear it with almost anything and feel fashionable complete. I also have heard many interesteing stories about carnerlian and the attributes that the stone enhances. I read somewhere that it brings courage and strength. A customer told me that she wears carnelian for serenity when she needs to relax her mind. Chloe explained to me that the colorful stone can make introverted people more extraverted. Tina calls it the stone of action. Carnelian is the stone of all around well being. I can feel all of these emotions when I wear the bracelet, but mostly is makes me feel thankful.

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