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Winnie the Pooh...

tina tang

By: Judy I was analyzing and analyzing the Dao of Pooh or something like that. Everyone on the Tina Tang team is a character on that Disney made cartoon: Tina is definitely Owl, the one who is non-judgmental and listens fully and gives the greatest advice and insight on anything brought up to her, from daily politics to that dry patch of skin you can’t get rid of. Very wise and very kind, we all hope to be more Tina-like in the future. Chloe is simply Tigger. “What do you think of this Chloe?” “Yeah, we can do it. We can definitely do it! I don’t see why we couldn’t do it.” Born in the year of the Tiger, Chloe has this “We can do it!” spirit that lifts the whole team up. T-I-double Guh-ER! She is innately friendly and kind-bringing her somewhere on the top of the list if we had to play favorites.Chinese Zodiac Tiger Bobbie is the human lollipop and a dead ringer for Christopher Robin. Timid in nature but is so sweet when you get to know her. Almost always in service of others she is always busy and gets wrapped up in her work and gets a little “stamp happy” at times. Stamp Happy: a system where one stamps multiple things in succession while lost in song, dream, or dance resulting in things getting over stamped. Troy or Troytown is our hoppity Roo. Youthful in smile and spirit yet naively unaware of the cost of milk, Troy enjoys life’s treasures and follies. Extremely hard-working and always about to burst with laughter, Troy is our “think out of the box” guy. With his ingenuity and unique view of the world -to him there is no box. Judy is our screaming Rabbit. Always fearing that the worst might happen and that the sky will be falling soon-demanding vigilance and excellence from everybody! Man your battle stations ladies, this is not a drill! I REPEAT-this is not a drill! Always conscious of company growth and deeply ingrained with the philosophy of “we reap what we sow”. Judy lives on a fertile carrot patch but in her head, it’s a battlefield. Tatiana may just be the busy hunny bee of the 100 Aker Wood. She just stays at her desk and buzzes away and helps make all the great jewelry we all love to wear. We’re still missing a Pooh Bear, Kanga, and a Piglet! In time they’ll show up! Chinese Zodiac Pig

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