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tina tang

I have been having so much fun creating the "word" jewelry that compose my Gotham Girl line.  These are words I feel are used or have meaning to us New York women.   I just picked up a few more from my casters today to bring to my polisher/finisher to make into bracelets and necklaces.No one will buy the "bruno" or "tang" but I just had to make those.  Bruno is my smoosh and I must wear his name proudly.Even though New York is cramped in living space, we have more pets than you can imagine.  I figure these two pendants/bracelets will have meaning to quite a few residents.For the romantic at heart or for the best friends:I add the rings on during casting so that the pendants can be made either into necklaces or bracelets.  Adding the rings beforehand saves a step later.And, for all us lovely New York ladies: I am loca, and proud of it.

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