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Would you stand in line to get a place for another line?

tina tang

On New Year's Eve, would you get in a line that goes on for blocks only to get a place in another line?This is 4:30pm, December 31, 2010 on 21st Street.These people don't mind spending hours in line.  I stepped out of my studio building to see this line which wrapped around the block.  This is 6th Avenue where the line continued on past Limelight Marketplace.Are any of these people New Yorkers?In listening to the snippets of conversation, I have to say, these are tourists!  No New Yorker in her right mind would stand in a line for another line for tickets.20th Street: This makes the line 3 blocks long without an end in sight.When asked, the answer I heard was that the line was for free New Year's Eve tickets for a U2 concert.  I couldn't find any evidence of this "free" concert online.   I happily left work knowing that my new year will start off without a wait.I wish you all a love filled and prosperous 2011!  

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