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Wuthering Heights

tina tang

In the early 1800's on the moors of Yorkshire, the tragic romance of two of star crossed lovers played across the pages of Emily Bronte's notebook. The place: Wuthering Heights, and the starring roles: Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw.Wuthering Heights was owned by Catherine's father, Mr. Earnshaw. Besides Catherine he had a son, Hindley, and an orphaned boy Heathcliff, who raised as his own. Mr. Earnshaw favored Heathcliff over his own children, causing to the siblings to harbor ill will against the orphan. Though Catherine soon got over this resentment and became very fond of Heathcliff, Hindley remained hateful and abused the boy. When Mr. Earnshaw died, Hindley inherits Wuthering Heights and forces Heathcliff into servitude. Catherine becomes close with the neighboring family in Thrushcross Grange, who grooms her into a young lady. Catherine expresses interest in marrying the son Edgar, who will bring her status and riches. When Heathcliff learns of this, he immediately develops a hatred for Edgar and leaves Wwuthering Heights. A few years after Edgar and Catherine are married, Heathcliff returns to the Yorkshire moors where he grew up with an accumulation of wealth and a thirst for revenge on all those who wronged him. Heathcliff marries Edgar's sister in a political move to inherit Thrushcross Grange, and soon after his childhood love Catherine grows ill. She dies giving birth to her daughter Cathy, but not before she and Heathcliff confess their love for each other. After the death of his only love, Heathcliff continues to execute his plan for revenge on the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights, and eventually dies after a mental breakdown where he sees the ghost of Catherine.The tragedy of Wuthering Heights has been remembered and preserved in Tina Tang's Star Crossed Lovers Line, available online and in the Limelight Marketplace store!

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