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#Yellow Bracelet to Counter Year of the Dragon. #TinaTang

tina tang

This morning, my parents called me specifically to tell me that this Year of the Dragon (the Water Dragon) was not a good one for me, Year of the Dog (Metal Dog).  I, naturally, had googled this prior to the new year and had meant to call them to ask what I should do.In Chinese astrology, it is believed that you can wear certain things to try to "counter" these so called forces that we have no control over.  I told them when I googled the situation I read that wearing a red ribbon would be helpful to me this year.  Contrary to what I thought, my mother informed me, "No, you need to wear yellow...yellow underwear, yellow ribbon, but always something yellow."Wanting to make sure that I have all the protection possible, making my "yellow" citrine bracelet.I don't necessarily believe in this pre-conceived fate, but why tempt it?  As soon as I got into the office, I started making myself a citrine hand-knotted yellow string bracelet which I plan on wearing all year.I am hopefully protected.Trust me, I googled this to find out, why yellow?  My mom has been reading some Chinese astologists forecasts and apparently, yellow provides great power to protect. I haven't found one thing as to why.  Old world, like the Chinese, always have superstitions which simply cannot be explained.  Here is more on the Year of the Dragon and your sign here.

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