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You're invited to a party tomorrow in Cali. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I just arrived to the sunny and beautiful Newport Beach, California.  Do you west coasters ever take this gorgeous weather for granted?  Its 75 degrees, sunny skies, no humidity while NYC is 102 in sweltering humidity.  Lucky me.If you can make it tomorrow from 2-5pm, email orders at tinatang dot com to get the private address.  The party will be in the little house behind this one:We don't have lovely apartments like this in NYC that the normal person can afford.Honestly, besides making this lovely little jaunt across the country, what really made this weekend was a little incident that happened at Avis. I went to pick up my car, a compact economy car I reserved for my working weekend.  The agent handed me the keys and I found my car.  My keys fit into a bright red Mustang two door sports car.  I thought, "She definitely made a mistake."  I went back into this Avis office and asked the agent, "I think you made a mistake, I ordered the cheapest economy car."  She looked at my documents and responded, "We ran out of the economy cars.  All we have left is the Mustang, and you pay the same price as the economy car."I leapt into the air for joy.  YIPPEEEE!  My dream car - a muscle car that picks up speed with the slightest foot on the gas.  I plan to take many photos with him...I may never see him again.  He and me will be having a weekend affair that I will remember for the rest of my life.I swear, that is the car I got!Have a wonderful weekend, you know I will.

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