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tina tang

I never quite understood the reasons for using 13 year old models, besides the fact that they have a stick boy body for clothing to hang on.    I never understood until I started taking photos of my customer service ambassadors modeling the jewelry. (They are not 13).Kirsten wearing the Diana Huntress Necklace.This is Kirsten wearing our new Diana Huntress Necklace.  She is gorgeous.  All I did was crop this photo.  When I opened up the jpeg, I immediately thought;  "OMG!  She looks absolutely gorgeous.  There is no photoshopping required!"   I have to photoshop my jewelry when I photograph the pieces, but not Kirsten!  (She is 21).Kirsten wearing Romeo Juliet Double Dagger Necklace.  Painting by Sima Schloss.Here is Kirsten again with our Romeo Juliet Double Swords Necklace with her fabulous one shoulder dress.  Again, all I did was crop!  Michelle wearing TMS Sapphire Crystal Earrings.  Look at this picture of Michelle wearing our TMS Cluster Earrings.  Look at her skin!  Again, all I did was crop.  I don't think I ever had skin that flawless even when I was 21.Now, I am fully enlightened to the fact why companies use young people to model, the after math work of the photo shoot is shortened by the fact that there is little photoshopping required!Here I am today...since it wasn't a close up shot, no photoshopping work done!Dress: 1960's Vintage from Another Man's TreasureBelt:  mine from the 1980'sBoots: Miss SixtyNecklace:  Tina Tang Onyx Wilma NecklaceEarrings:  Tina Tang Goldfill Hoops 

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


  • I personally think companies just use young girls because they are easily influenced into doing what the agents and companies want. Go you for using women instead of kids :)


  • Thanks Annebeth! My customer service ambassadors (that’s what we like to call ourselves!) are all in college and work part time with us to make their extra spending cash. Thanks for reading our blog!

    Tina Tang.

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