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Saturday in the #Hamptons? #TinaTang #EastHamptonsEvents

tina tang

I met Jay and Rowaida when I had my flagship store in Greenwich Village.  They owned a warm little American restaurant called Jones two doors down from me and I found that I dined there often.  My favorite dish: lobster mac & cheese.  As I have moved on, so have they... They now own a well known restaurant in East Hampton, NY called Race Lane.Rowaida invited me to do a trunk show there this July and I would like to invite you!Hope you can make it!  Here is a link.15% of the proceeds will go to a Rowaida's favorite charity,...

Rings we wear for ourselves. #TinaTang

tina tang

Rings are one of the most difficult pieces of jewelry to give someone as we truly wear them for ourselves.  Necklaces accessorize an outfit and it's the person facing us that sees the necklace.  Rings, however, are within our own line of sight, and for that reason they are essentially a very personal preference.  Simply looking down at your hand can give you a little smile.  That is why an engagement ring requires a well thought out selection process.  I finally photo-shopped my new rings that have been evoking a daily smile.This *joy* ring is a little daily reminder.I know there are...

Custom Name #Bracelets. #TinaTang

tina tang

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With my handmade name bracelets featured on , I've been getting the most unusual names as orders.  I imagine these clients are not able to find these names on those traditional touristy swivel displays where you search for your name on a key chain.These two I just shipped out today for a lovely lady in California.  Makes me wonder what faces goes with these names.You can order your name bracelet here.I promise not to call you a narcissist if you order it here.If you prefer your name on your neck, you can order it here.  I may make up...

Teaching Basic #Jewelry Skills. #TinaTang

tina tang

As you read in yesterday's post, I taught my first beginner beading class in my new office last night.  I had two students who discovered the class through my weekly newsletter.  They had shopped at my store in Limelight Marketplace.Besides experiencing their enthusiasm to learn a skill that I can do with my eyes closed, I found great joy in their excitement to design and produce their very own pieces.   Byungran gravitated immediately to the carnelian and citrine stones, creating a 25 inch beaded beauty. Armed with milk chocolate for energy, these two new students beaded for an entire hour...

Tonight's Beginner Jewelry Class. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Tonight, I teach my first beginner beading class in my new office.  From my past experience, I've learned that a small intimate class works better to teach some specific little tricks that takes most students a little practice to master.We have an intimate little conference room with a large black and white photo of Flatiron overlooking our work.  I'm looking forward to the beginner enthusiasm of my new students tonight.The beautiful girl on the right shopped at my store and being on my email list found out about the class.This is the conference room:Nice and cozy little working area. They will...