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#Jewelry: A sentimental essential for vacation. #TinaTang

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I received this sweet email from long time client and friend, Rhonda Lehtinen:

“If you look closely, you can see the tiny heart and dog bone lucky charms
around my neck 🙂   Since I couldn’t take my pups with me, I wore tokens
around my neck.  The silver opera necklace went with me, as always when
travelling, but didn’t see any daylight.  It was a very very casual dress


roe “

Rhonda and her most lovely kind husband, Jon.

This is the jewelry she brought with her to Scotland:

This teeny Dog Bone charm is adorable on a gold chain.

This teeny Heart Charm is my favorite and on Rhonda’s necklace.

One of my favorite layering necklace, this silver Opera necklace reminds me of a line of silver sequins.

Rhonda always emails me on her trips to tell me which pieces she brought with her.  It’s as if I’m on the trip with her!