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About Me

Tina Tang Jewelry

Hey sweet cheeks!  I'm Tina Tang.  I love making stuff with my hands.

I hail from the suburbs of Maryland from immigrant Chinese parents who wanted me to be a scientist, doctor, or something “responsible” that guaranteed a paycheck. I did what mom and dad wanted; got a college degree from the University of Chicago and went to work at Goldman Sachs as an equities trader. I was there for five years, five years of stunting my creative soul.

I needed to do something that felt natural, a job that makes work and life blend beautifully.  I needed to design things with my hands and make people happy.   This is how Tina Tang Studio started in 1998.

How did you start making jewelry?
While working at Goldman Sachs, I took a basic beading class and started making jewelry for friends and family.  The greatest joy is seeing someone wear my design and look at themselves with a big smile.

What is Tina Tang Jewelry's mission?
Create timeless well made jewelry that can be pulled out of the jewelry box in any year and worn with great joy.

Tina Tang Studio flagship store in West Village NYC
Where is Tina Tang Jewelry made?

I design the jewelry in my Jersey City studio and produce it with my long time production company located in the jewelry district of New York City. I have been working with that same production company for nearly 18 years. For 10 years I designed in my West Village flagship store, Tina Tang Studio.  You can see photos from those days here.

Iron Strong Jewelry

What are your passions besides designing jewelry?
I love weight lifting.  I love getting strong.  This passion is what inspired my other line of jewelry,  If you have the passion for fitness, you just might like Iron Strong Jewelry!

Thank you so much for visiting!  XO, Tina